7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #748: Featuring Audrey Helen Weber

h1 June 20th, 2021    by jules

There are times I don’t want to say too much about a picture book, because it’s the kind of book you need to hold in your hands and experience yourself. Today’s book, Audrey Helen Weber’s On the Day the Horse Got Out (Little, Brown, June 2021), is one of those books. But let me tell you a little bit anyway. …

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Taltal Levi’s Meet Me By the Sea

h1 June 17th, 2021    by jules

Here’s a post to celebrate a Swiss picture book import. Meet Me By the Sea comes from Taltal Levi, an illustrator born in Israel and now living and working in Switzerland. This story, originally published last year, arrived on shelves in February from NorthSouth Books.

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Keeping the City Going: An Interview with Brian Floca

h1 June 15th, 2021    by jules

It’s a pleasure to talk to author-illustrator Brian Floca today about Keeping the City Going (Caitlyn Dlouhy/Atheneum, April 2021), what the Horn Book review called a “love letter” to New York City — and to the essential workers that kept cities going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Detailed paintings — in vignettes and expansive, full-bleed spreads — capture New York City last year, a time when it was “strangely still. Yet “[t]here are still some people out on the streets, driving this and that, heading from here to there. They might be family, friends, or strangers. They’re there because we need them. They’re the people keeping the city going.”

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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #747: Featuring Two BookPage Reviews

h1 June 13th, 2021    by jules

How about two new picture books today? Over at BookPage, I’ve got a review of Gabi Snyder’s Listen (Paula Wiseman Books/Simon & Schuster, June 2021), illustrated by Stephanie Graegin, and Julie Fortenberry’s Darcy’s First Sleepover (Christy Ottaviano Books/Henry Holt, June 2021), cover pictured below.

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Friendship 101

h1 June 10th, 2021    by jules

Some picture books make me want to immediately (and magically) transport myself into a school library again so that I can share them with students. Amanda McCardie’s Let’s Play!: A Book About Making Friends (a UK import, published by Candlewick in May), illustrated by Colleen Larmour, is one of those. I can readily imagine the rich discussions with children that would emerge from reading this book together.

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Lynne Rae Perkins’s The Museum of Everything:
A Peek Into Her Process . . .

h1 June 8th, 2021    by jules

I can go on and on about how compelling Lynne Rae Perkins’s newest picture book is (and, better yet, how much respect it has for the child reader), but it would be better if you can somehow find a copy yourself and take it all in. I highly recommend this. The Museum of Everything (Greenwillow), now on shelves, has been met with a host of well-deserved starred reviews.

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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #746: Featuring Lian Cho

h1 June 6th, 2021    by jules

Well, we’ve not yet officially met the first day of summer here in the U.S., but with my own daughers out of school, it sure feels like it. What better book to celebrate with than Gideon Sterer’s It Began with Lemonade (Dial, May 2021), illustrated by Lian Cho. (Remember Gideon Sterer from this glorious book, published earlier this year?)

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Elisha Cooper Makes the Case for His Favorite Cases

h1 June 3rd, 2021    by jules

(Click image to enlarge)

If you’re a regular reader of 7-Imp, you know that author-illustrator Elisha Cooper is fond of creating a compelling case for his books.

I reviewed Elisha’s newest book, Yes & No (Roaring Brook, April 2021), for the Horn Book. That (starred!) review is here, if you’re so inclined to read more about this wonderful book, illustrated (as I note in my review) in the same style as the Caldecott Honor-winning Big Cat, Little Cat.

Today here at 7-Imp, Elisha shares an essay — instead of waxing on about his own book (though, fortunately, he does briefly mention the beautiful case for Yes & No) — about the case covers of some of his favorite picture books. As the picture-book fan I am, I love this post and his eye for color, design, and what generally makes a good case. I’m about to teach this summer my picture book grad course, and you can bet that when I talk to my students about design, I’ll send them to this post. I thank Elisha for sharing.

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Julie Flett’s We All Play / Kimêtawânaw

h1 June 1st, 2021    by jules

In Julie Flett’s dedication to her father in her newest picture book, We All Play / Kimêtawânaw (Greystone, May 2021), she writes: “Growing up with you taught me about our connections to the land that inspired so much of the work that I do.” Indeed, this new book features that very thing — animals at play in the natural world (swimming, running, sniffing, yipping on the land) and the human children that play in much the same ways. It’s a book with spare, plainspoken language, perfect for the very young children at whom it’s aimed, and bold, uncluttered images to draw their eye. It’s spectacular in its seeming simplicity.

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7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #745: Featuring Lucy Ruth Cummins

h1 May 30th, 2021    by jules

“I rescue tiny creatures. It’s a special job. …”

Over at BookPage, I’ve a review of Curtis Manley’s The Rescuer of Tiny Creatures (Roaring Brook, June 2021), illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins. As I note in the review, it’s a story that captures the experiences of quiet, observant, inquisitive children — those who may not be found in the midst of a big crowd at school but who are considerately looking out for those on the periphery.

That review is here, and below are some spreads from the book.

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